Energy customers outraged by correct bills


Customers of energy companies across Britain came home to find their usual quarterly electric and gas bills correct.

SSE customer, 72 year old retired chip shop owner, Roger Phillips of Stockport said: “I feel bleeding well let down by the company, my sons never call or visit anymore, so I look forward to talking to the nice young folk at the electric board, even if it does take an hour and 20 minutes to get through”

British Gas customer, a confused 19 year old Jenny, a student at Aston University said: “I’ve never really checked if it’s right or not, as I didn’t even know we had to pay a gas bill as the letting agents said it was all inclusive”

We spoke with a PR representative from SSE on the matter, James Taylor said: “We take complaints very seriously, whether it’s lonely old codgers or naive students getting bumped by their letting agents, we have a process for this stuff and we’ll get round to these people when we feel like it”

It’s more than apparent that the confusion of these correct utility bills is causing mass hysteria to the public. Remember to check yours.


Author: The Wrong Times

Satirical news site.

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