Taxi driver hailed a local hero


Taxi Driver Kenny Jones had a fare to pick up just off Top Moor Side, however much to the residents surprise, Kenny swung into a space that did not stop the flow of traffic, and has been hailed a hero by the locals for it.

Despite Kenny being a white man in his 50’s and a born and bred local boy of Holbeck, one local racist on the matter said: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, usually them foreign bastards stop anywhere they like.”

Kenny said: “I only pulled in cause I couldn’t see the numbers.” So has Kenny’s 15 minutes of fame, came as a fluke for him?

Kenny maintains it won’t happen often, as he intends to make the most of his taxi badge, which he says: “Council gave me this badge and with it ownership of any road at any time.” We cannot confirm Kenny’s comments on the taxi badge myth, but we believe it just to be shite.


Author: The Wrong Times

Satirical news site.

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