Contemporary art worth £20m mistaken for fly tipping


The city council of Portsmouth has been left red faced today after two of its contractor staff from French owned Colas, of its street waste team took away an art piece thought to be worth in the region of £20m. The blunder happened yesterday as Tony and Dave were on their shift of collecting rubbish called in for fly tipping.

Tony aged 46 of Gamble Road said: “We thought it was just the usual mess people leave behind when they move out”, Dave aged 52 of Walmer Road, Tony’s supervisor said: “Mate if you’d seen it you’d have chucked it away too. We get dibs on the good shit left out, but that wasn’t something we fancied so we lobbed it in the van and off to the dump it went.”

Neither men seemed fazed by their error, both then left to carry on with the day’s shift chanting “blue army!”.

The artist behind the piece has been left understandably distraught. Percy Rudmore B.A, said: “I put my heart and soul into what would have become inspiring to millions of people. I will be taking this matter further with the council regarding compensation.” Portsmouth council wouldn’t speak to us on the matter, but released this statement: “After reviewing the situation further, we find that the so called art piece was nothing more than a children’s plastic kitchen set glued together to form a phallus like shape. We will offer Mr Rudmore a £10 argos gift card for the mishap which is more than generous as the set is currently only priced at £5.99.”


Author: The Wrong Times

Satirical news site.

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