School boys broken promises tearing family apart


Mother of 3 Kelly Miller of Hartlepool says she finds it painful when her 12 year old son Kaydan struggles to keep his promises to her.

Kelly said: “I’ll ask him to the let dog out the back for a pee, he says he’ll do it, but then I’ll find a puddle of piss on the laminate flooring”

Kelly’s boyfriend Dave, who spent 2 weeks fitting the living room flooring said: “If it’s not dog piss on the floor, it’s his bloody WWE figures everywhere”

Kaydan, despite being 12 years of age, still enjoys a bit of playtime with the plastic homoerotic action figures after a long day at school. Kaydan said: “It’s not my fault, I didn’t even hear her say anything, it’s Dave’s dog anyway, he should let it out”

Dave commented later by agreeing that Benji the Staffordshire bull terrier cross, is his dog, but cannot find the time between the odd day’s cash in hand labouring for his brother Paul and trying to pursue his dream of becoming a professional happy hardcore DJ.