Hardcore football fan asks row in front to sit down


Manchester City till he dies, is Kevin Jenkins. “A passionate City mad fan is our Kev” said Paul, one of his mates who is also a season ticket holder at the club. However it’s not all football day happiness for the blues fan, Kevin said: “I’m here week in week out, sure I watch the game in between talking about top gear to Paul, but I’ve got a season ticket which means I’m one of the best fans.”

Last weekend Kevin took it upon himself to tap the shoulder of an unfamiliar face sitting in front of his usual seat at the Etihad, Mr Jenkins on the incident said: “I couldn’t believe it, who does he think he is standing up and cheering the boys coming out for the start of the game, he’s only bought a ticket for today.

“Before he starts cheering more and singing at the top of his lungs, I thought I better put him straight.” The season ticket holder then said to the supporter in front: “Do you mind sitting down I can’t see anything, I’ve got a season ticket.”

Kevin then went onto say that the gentlemen knew his place and sat down no questions asked, however we caught up with Paul on his take on the incident, “When Kev asked the bloke to sit down, the guy replied with something along the lines of, who do you think you are you fat specky cunt, if you can’t see then get up off your fat arse and show some support, otherwise fuck up before you get knocked out”

Kevin Jenkins, who isn’t disabled or carrying any injuries, should really be standing up and supporting his team and not talking about irrelevant shite whilst hogging a season ticket allocation. Be a true supporter – Don’t be a Kevin Jenkins.