The Ladbrokes high rollers club


The rich kids of Instagram have nothing on the high rollers of Ladrbokes. Its Friday afternoon, only a few more hours until you’re free for the weekend, but that freedom is an everyday thing for some. Meet the Ladbrokes high rollers.

The Ladbroke Lads as they like to be known, are a group of 3 from Southampton. Kevin, Danny and Pooky. Kevin the oldest of the group aged 22 said: “We rock up after a late lunch at spoons, gourmet burger meal of course. I spend anything up to a tenner every Friday on accumulators, I only do English prem and Spanish top games on mine, that’s where the moneys at.”

Danny aged 19 said: “I too do the acca’s but I’ll add in a bit of horse racing now and then. If I’ve necked a monster energy I’ll sometimes flex the cash and do a fiver just on one horse race, the bitches love it when I go big on the 3/1 favourite.”

Pooky aged 18 said “The shop has only just started letting me in now I’ve turned 18, so I’m fresh to the game, but I’ll be retiring soon I think as my run on the fruties has been sweet. I’ll put in maybe £8 odd and always win.”

The youngsters are in somewhat denial about their winnings we feel as neither have actually made a profit so far. As an example we asked Pooky what his winnings were per £8 fruit machine play, he said: “mate serious dollar, it’s easily £6 per play and I win that every time.” This of course means Pooky is at a £2 loss each play. So anyone considering a career in gambling, don’t, at least McDonalds pays minimum wage.